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Welcome to The Apogee of Randomness

All authors welcome! RULES: #1 - No posting sprite sheets. Those are for sprite comics. #2 - No flaming people. No posting "Hate comics." They will be deleted, no questions asked. [STRICTLY FORBBIDEN] #3 - No vulgar or highly inapropriate comics or media allowed. Anyone posting these will lose their privileges or be banned. #4 - Be nice. For any questions ask Fiora Aroura.


October 23rd, 2010, 12:27 am


Attention authors of EoR, this year for Halloween I am holding a contest for "Most unique costume." All you gotta do is dress your character up in the most crazily creative costume you can come up with and post it in the comic. The deadline will be Wednesday, and the winner will be determined and posted on Thursday. The prize is a drawing from me (Fiora Aroura) of your character in their Halloween costume.
Have fun! ^^

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